Top 8 French Songs for Kids

1) Frère Jacques – perhaps one of the most widely translated and borrowed French songs for kids, Frère Jacques is a fun children’s about a friar who must wake up to ring the morning bells.  While the translation is taken loosely in other languages to suggest that the friar is still asleep despite ringing bells, it is nonetheless fun to sing.  The melody is traditionally sung as a round, meaning one person starts, and when they reach the next set of lyrics, another person joins in from the beginning.

2) Alouette – while not entirely the friendliest of songs, because it depicts someone plucking the feathers off an annoying lark, this song’s melody is ubiquitous, sounding in many nursery toys without lyrics as well.  It also experiences numerous lyric substitutions to fill in almost anywhere as a catchy jingle.  The song is cumulative, which means each verse adds on to the previous, similar to “The 12 Days of Christmas” (more…)

Is French Hard to Learn for English Speakers?

French is arguably one of the most beautiful-sounding languages, but is notorious for bestowing its spelling and pronunciation woes upon the novice speaker. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of French that make it hard, and offset it with others that may make it quite easy, and ways to help yourself improve.

If your goal is to be able to recite and translate international treaties and carry on philosophical or political conversations, your outlook is going to be different from someone that aims to enjoy the food, culture, and history of the French, and sustain everyday conversations. (more…)